Updated Particulars

We have updated the particulars for our fleet. Both Mornes and Malmnes are ready to trade cement. Mornes is a very unique vessel with three (3) ways of self-unloading. She can do it via a belt-unloading system, by screw into to cement trucks with dust collector or also pneumatic cement unloading system. You can read more about our cement handling capabilities here and also about Mornes and Malmnes here.



MV Malmnes & MV Mornes ready for Cement Operations to Trucks

We have fitted MV Malmnes with new equipment so she is able to discharge cement to lorry trucks. We are also currently doing the same installation for MV Mornes. She will be ready in a couple of months time.
You can read more about this operation here.



New How It Works movie online

We have added a new movie under Operation. This movie explains our self unloader system. You can also watch it on Youtube here.



Information about P&I clubs added

We have added P&I details and updated the ships information for all vessels.



New website launched

Now our new website is launched. The new site have a much easier update function so from now on the website going to be much more alive. For example we will upload picture to our gallery continuous.



New Office Address

As of today, our main office has moved. We are now situated just outside central Helsingborg with the new visitors adress Kapplöpningsgatan 14, 2tr, S-252 30 Helsingborg and postal delivery adress PO Box 5010 S-250 05 Helsingborg, Sweden. Our Malmoe office will not be affected. Our phones/fax/email remain unchanged.



Launching of NB 401, Vestanhav

The 22th of October we launched the New Building 401 in Holland.

NB 401 is our 26th vessel from Ferus Smit and the good collaboration will continue in the future.
We would like to thank all our customers and personnel for a great day and also Marine Holland and Ferus Smit for the good experience.

Click on links below to see more videos from the Launching.

Video 2
Video 3



Delivery of our new vessel

On March 12 our latest newbuilding Mv Kalkvik came into our service.