Operation – How it works

Kvaerner Cargo scooper

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Our vessels are equipped with the discharging equipment Kvaerner cargo scooper. It consists of an transversal-moving scraper-conveyor which scoops the cargo from the box-shaped holds, feeding it onto a longitudinal conveyor. This scraper transports the cargo to the bucket elevator.
The elevator then conveys the cargo up to the boom where it is discharged via a third conveyor, to the required delivery point.

To discharge, the ship’s crew turns the boom into position. Depending on port facility, the cargo may be put on quay, or into a hopper.
The boom provides an outreachn of between 14,5 meters and 32 meters depending on which vessel is employed.

During loading the gear is raised underneath the coamings which makes the loading procedure as easy as loading a conventional vessel.
This also makes the vessel well suited for grab discharging since the holds are box-shaped and the discharging gear is ”hidden”.

Our self-discharging vessels provide a number of advantages

  • The vessels are equipped to transport all kinds of bulk materials from alumina to sticky concentrates
  • They offer an enclosed, pollution and dust-free discharging system that will operate efficiently whatever the weather
  • Click to Enlarge The self-dischargers will discharge independently around the clock – no need for shore based facilities
  • Self unloading eliminates spillage and wastage of cargo, as well as costly, laborious cleaning and trimming
  • The vessels can dispatch cargo at a high pace, providing a quick release of both cargo and capital
  • The vessels will, if required, adjust the rate of discharge to concur with the capacity of the receiving facilities
  • Ensures a minimal level of manpower – no shorehands or no bulldozers required